David Wedick, CFA, is a skilled executive who has spent over twenty years navigating diversified capital markets to enable growth and impact.  


David specializes in empowering leaders to make informed, impactful and timely decisions that set the stage for shared stakeholder success. David's analysis combines a macro perspective with a deep set of technical financial expertise.  David has a track record of bringing clarity and transparency to complicated financial situations. 


As an independent consultant, David provides Fractional CFO & CFO Support services for mission-oriented companies, nonprofits and governmental organizations, providing comprehensive strategic and operational financial capacity. 


David's services are also available on a customized project basis to meet client needs, including the following areas of excellence: Financial Analysis & Modelling, Asset Allocation Optimization and Capital Formation & Deal Making.  David is comfortable forming, aligning, allocating, deploying and managing capital across the capital continuum.


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