Asset Allocation & Optimization

David's happy place is helping to align financial decision making with an organization's mission & strategic direction, driving towards maximized growth and impact.


Focus areas

  • Balance Sheet
    • Asset Liability framework - Sources & Uses over Time
  • Budgeting
    • Operational
    • Programmatic
    • Department/Function
  • Revenues & expenses
    • Allocations
    • Decision making process
  • Investment process
    • Governance
    • Risk framework
    • Investment memo templates
    • Portfolio monitoring



  • Maine Connectivity Authority
    • Program Allocation Framework - aligning $564 MM of capital incorporating fifteen separate funding sources and a diverse array of uses
    • Established an effective, transparent and risk-oriented approval process, including Staff Grants Committee and specialist Sub-Committees of the Board
  • Coastal Enterprises Inc. - CDFI parent
    • Responsible for the overall planning, direction, and coordination of financial activities at CEI, annual budget preparation, governance, compliance, investor relations and capital raise strategy
    • Asset Liability Management design and implementation
    • Balance Sheet optimization via a series of strategic allocation decisions
    • Financial covenant redesign and negotiation - establishing a consistent set of financial covenants for all lenders to CEI
  • Coastal Enterprises Inc. - family of entities
    • Organizing and implementing effective asset allocation decision making across multiple entities and multiple years
    • Reinvesting retained earnings to enhance impact and ensure future financial stability